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January 14 – February 14, 2015
Davide Balula, Alison Hall, William Latta, Ulrike Müller, David Schutter, Kristen Van Deventer


Quiet Tremors brings together six artists - Davide Balula, Alison Hall, William Latta, Ulrike Müller, David Schutter, and Kristen Van Deventer - whose work generates shifting readings through a sustained disruption of dualities separating form and content.

Tensions between abstraction and representation, stasis and narrative, play themselves within the twelve works included in the exhibition as the surfaces of each work veil their construction or source and open up multiple viewing experiences, offering misrecognition as a potential story. This allegory bases itself on the fact that abstract painting, with its deep history, carries the potential to appear deceptively simple.

The exhibition – the gallery’s first group show of exclusively two-dimensional works – is comprised of two rooms, both hung with one work by each artist to form parallel installations. By asking the viewer to revisit what they have just seen, this doubled confrontation mirrors and clears room for the fluctuating readings held within each work. Viewing is proposed here as a performance of the countless ways in which everyday looking slides into overlooking, examination into codification.



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September 12th-October 12th, 2014

William Latta manipulates and layers paint, pigment, and ink so that their chemical resonance and dissonance are expressed in patterns of expanse and rupture. The results evoke corpulence, sinew, ulceration, drapery, mineral formation, topography, cosmology, and painting itself.

    Eli Ping Frances Perkins

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